Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Poly-carbonates are lightweight roofing materials that come in a variety of colours. They are very durable and are suitable for outdoor projects such as greenhouses and also roofs where one wants some sunshine in the house. Their light weight nature also enables them to be easily transported and installed wherever they are required. Poly-carbonates come in clear, translucent and opaque designs.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets


OSB 3 Boards


Oriented Strand Boards(OSB)- 3 are particle boards that are highly treated to last longer in humid areas and termite infections. They tend to last longer than other particle in places that tend to be humid and experience heavy rains. During manufacturing, they are heavily compressed making them very light and stronger than most boards. Apart from the roof decking, they also have other applications such as interior design.
Laminate boards: Roofing deck boards


Laminate boards come in a standard size of 8 feet by 4 feet. They are lightweight and easy to install. Laminate boards are completely water proof and flexible. They can be used in areas where the roof structure is curved, to take on the shape of the roof. They are also commonly used in decking of roofing shingles
Gypsum Boards: Roofing, Office Partitioning and Ceilings


Gypsum boards are commonly used in ceiling design. They come in a standard size of 8 feet by 4 feet (2.44metres by 1.22 metres), and vary in thickness. The common Gypsum board thicknesses are 9mm and 12mm. Gypsum boards are commonly used for partitioning of offices and for ceiling designs
Amourbase Eco Roofing Underlay


This is a watertight type of polyester roofing underlay. It comes in a roll of 50 metres by 1 metre and has a thickness of 1mm. It is a waterproofing membrane, used as an underlay in shingles to prevent moisture from seeping through.
Installation of Roofing Insulation


Roofing insulation also known as sisalation is important for every house in areas experiencing high temperatures. We recommend roofing sisalation for roofs covers such stone coated tiles and IT 4. It does not just insulate against heat but also against rain noise.
Domestic storage tanks Kenya


We supply water tanks of various capacities to give you an opportunity to collect and store water for your building projects as well as for your household use.

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