Roofing Shingles ProjectsThe Hub-Karen, Nairobi

When heading towards Karen you shall spot a lot of posters advertising a mall called The Hub. Very hard to miss, The hub is distinguished by its unique roof type and colour. In case you were wondering what roof type it is, well, wonder no more.

The Hub is roofed using a type of REXE Roofing shingles called Cambridge Xpress and the colour is known as the Riviera Red. This is one of our fast moving products and so in case you want it, hurry and place an order now.

The Hub is also one of our many phenomenal projects, that everyone looks up to date. Started in 2015 and completed within less than a year with full customer satisfaction and no complaint, The Hub remains to be proof that new technology in roofing is actually a very good idea. The colour blends well with the trees that surround it.

The Karen Hub Mall
Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd
Supply and fixing of Cambridge Shingles
Project Architect:
Bowman Associates

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