Roofing Shingles ProjectsKeystone Park Riverside Drive

When driving along Riverside Drive you will see a modern state of the art office park known as the Keystone Park. Everything about it is eye-catching from the office designs to the roof itself, which has Cambridge Xpress Harvard Slate shingles done by REXE Roofing Technicians.

This is one of those cases where you have a low pitched roof and can still use shingles on your roof.  The roof has a pitch of less than 15 degrees and on some other sections having no pitch at all (this is considered a flat roof).

Most roofs that have such a low pitch are prone to leakages but not with REXE Roofing shingles. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty against leakages and 25 year product warranty against fading or chipping of granules.

Keystone Park
Product type:
Cambridge Xpress Shingles
Havard Slate
Riverside Drive
Esteel Construction

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